Longway's Little Learners Home Childcare

Where there is nothing LITTLE about Learning!

HOME is where the is.

Hello, my name is Mrs. Julie Longway. I am the owner/director of "Longway's Little Learners"  professional home childcare located in Arlington, Texas. I have worked with children since 1985.  I have worked as a preschool teacher in a public childcare center and have been a nanny for two different homes. I have provided quality childcare in my State Registered Home since 1995.  I was a nominee finalist for the 2008 and  2010 Family Child Care Provider of the year award, an event sponsored by Campfire USA, and the Fort Worth Area Association for the Education of Young Children. I have committed my life to being a positive influence in young children's lives. I try to always see children as the individual that they are and I believe that each child shines in their own way.
I was born in Arlington,Texas and have never moved away. Many of my family are still located here. I have been married for 29 years and I have three precious children 20, 23, and 27.(two girls and a boy)

Program Description

I look forward to caring for your child and working with you to provide the best experience possible in childcare. During the hours your child is with me, he or she is considered a part of my family and will be treated with love and care. I provide a safe and attractive learning environment where children can feel comfortable playing, resting, eating, and learning.  Children will spend time outdoors when weather permits as well as indoors.